Over at theFitBastard is a ten minute video. Scott describes the problems with diets and diet thinking. He talks about fad diets, goal setting, yo-yo dieting, unsustainable ‘lifestyle’ diets, mental toughness, motivation and much more. Go over and watch it.

Diet selector

June 27, 2007

If you’re looking for a way to choose the right diet, then have a look here. It’s designed to be a fast way for you to select the aspects of the diet you want, and in doing that see which of the diets that fit the best.

While I’m not sure I agree with the premise, it might be useful for some of you.


According to this page, a recent survey (funded and commissioned by a company that uses the ingredients – but that’s another rant for another time) shows that consumers rate a product with ‘reduces your appetite’ claims score higher for it’s appeal. Not research about if it actually does reduce your appetite (each country has differing laws about what you can or can’t claim), if it helps people lose weight or anything like that – just that this marketing claim is popular.

This makes me really mad on several levels. First is blatant marketing research disguised as being helpful for actual weight loss. And secondly, if you need an external object to make you lose weight, you accept that power over your weight is outside of yourself. Because of that your chance of success is minimal, at best. Once you accept that you are the one who has ultimate control over your weight (even if you don’t know HOW to control your weight – you can learn the how) then you’re on the path to the body you want.

Here is a first hand description of the power of how changing your thinking can change your life. Go read it!

Being able to do this is a very valuable skill. But there is much more to it than just changing the words. You have to make sure:

  • you feel the words in your body
  • you have no negative statements
  • you have a specific tonal quality to what you say
  • you connect the words to good feelings and events
  • you reinforce the words through changing habits and beliefs
  • and much much more…

And probably the most difficult for most people; how to replace the current automatic statements with the statements you want. All this and more is revealed in the Butterfly Life Transformation program. You can sign up here.