The main idea or story from the diet industry – behind the books, diets, drugs and everything else – is based on an incorrect assumption. This assumption is:

You are not OK as you are now.

If you don’t wear size 6, have a large tummy, look different than a super model, then you are somehow wrong.

This is insulting, offensive and sets up an unachievable goal. You are OK as you are right now. You are not perfect, but no one is. You may not believe that you are OK, but that is OK too because the Butterfly Transformation Program can teach you.

You can be happy and healthy, regardless of your weight.


I work every day directly with people struggling to lose weight. Because of this I see many different ideas on weight loss.

Most of them are uninformed opinion.
Some of it is simply marketing.
Some of it is actually useful.

For example the other day I read a post about the fear of weight loss. They discussed the issue of people being afraid of how to deal with the world if they were no longer overweight. Their solution for this: ‘Just do it’. How ridiculous can you get? No other suggestions for dealing with this fear, no help, no nothing.

‘Just do it’, cold-turkey, willpower and many other methods leave people struggling to learn how to something. When the method doesn’t work, it leaves the dieter frustrated and disillusioned. Sometimes the maker of these methods blame their client for the failure when it’s clearly the failure of the system.

Many others have lost the weight they want – and kept it off. There is at least one method they use that works. Unfortunately most people are not able to identify the master keys that allow them to get results. Most of these people simply teach the broad strokes method – mixing the parts that work with parts that don’t. They don’t have a simple step-by-step foolproof system that if followed gets the results.

Just look at most diet plans. Thankfully this is changing now, but you’d get a list of what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. That’s it. No help with timing, no help with cravings, no help with exercise, no goal setting, no help with changing to the diet. Just a list of what to eat. And while the food you eat is important, it’s not the start and finish of weightloss. If that was the case, we would see many more crash diets that contain drinking only water. “Don’t eat and you’ll be as thin as you want!” Ridiculous and completely unsustainable.

If you take your life, health and weight loss serious enough, you owe it to yourself to have a look Butterfly Life Transformation as it contains a system that can help you gain the body you want, taking very easy daily babysteps. The system teaches you how to overcome the fear of weight loss, keeping motivated, finding the right diet for you, dealing with cravings and much more!