Fat Britney?

September 11, 2007

So there is a huge uproar about Britney Spears latest performance at the MTV Music Awards. For many reasons, including that she doesn’t meet the expected standard of an emaciated dancer. The message from the media and Hollywood is clear – if you are not a size 0, then you have weight problems.

Unfortunately this is the way the world is at the moment. And that makes it very hard for anyone that is trying to lose weight. You are constantly bombarded with messages telling you that you are fat, and being fat is wrong. These messages arrive directly with advertisements and indirectly with ‘news’ events like Britney’s performance.

One of the main aspects of The Butterfly Effect Life Transformation Program is teaching you how to be able to identify and nullify these messages. This helps you deal with these conflicting messages, keep your emotions under control and be able to be secure and safe in yourself.

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