The more I read news articles, magazines, watch TV or listen to the radio about weighloss, the more I realise that the changes people want to make are not external.

The real changes happen when you change your internal image of yourself. If you don’t change your internal image, you’ll yo-yo back and forth, struggling and fighting cravings each day. If you change your internal image (which is much faster and easier that changing anything else you have control over) your body will naturally follow.

Weight loss is not about your diet, exercise, food, eating, lifestyle, motivation, calories, or any of these ‘external’ factors. These help, but are not needed. Every gram of fat you lose, every fraction of an inch, every dress size is directed first and foremost by your internal image.

If you know the secrets on changing your internal image easily, you already have the body you want. If you don’t know how to make affirmations work, overcome fears, change old beliefs, modify unconscious behaviour, or change unwanted emotions, you need to join the free Butterfly Effect Transformation program now!


Happiness is a way of life

November 13, 2007

Below is a video of a presentation given by a Buddhist monk. He describes how to use your brain and emotions to live a happy and fulfilled life. We really can train our mind to develop the habit of happiness.

I really enjoyed his description of chocolate cake.

You can also find the direct link here.

If you are worried you are overweight, you might want to read this article in today’s New York Times.

It seems the evidence shows that people who are slightly overweight (25 to 29 on the controversial body mass index scale) are healthier and succumb to fewer diseases than do people of normal weight (BMI ideal of 20 to 25).

Of course, if you’ve read anything here or at Butterfly Transformation you’ll know that evidence like this doesn’t make you change your eating or feel any better about your body. Interesting reading, non the less.