What’s the step after your goal?

January 29, 2008

Too many times I communicate with people who have a goal, yet have no idea what will happen after they reach it.

Sure, you may lose that last 5 kilos. You might win the lotto. You might get the promotion.

We’ve focused our attention on that one goal for so long, we sometimes forget what we want to do afterwards. What usually happens in that case is we reach our goal, but then we quickly fall back into old patterns and put that weight straight back on.

Make sure you achieve and keep your goals. Imagine you have your goal, how will you feel? What will you see and hear? How will it effect the people around you? Once you have this goal, now, what do you want that’s even more important?

This will keep you on the right track. Improving your life and health daily through your own intention and focus!


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