Do you have alot of can’t?

February 13, 2008

If you say “I can’t”, you have set that thing in stone. Chances are, once you say you can’t do something, you’ll never ever even attempt it again.

I advise you to not say to me you can’t do something. If you do I’ll find out how you know you can’t. Some of the questions I ask may make you feel uncomfortable (readers on the program know how that sentence is false) – mainly because I know there are very, very few things that you can’t do.

If you ever hear yourself say “I can’t”, immediately ask yourself: What can you do?

A few other ways to achieve the same result. Instead of saying “I can’t something-something” say
In the past I wasn’t able to something-something”.


You can also say “I can’t something-something yet

This helps you to change, rather than staying stuck. These ‘cants’ are indicators and signposts for you to where you can learn.

Now, by saying ‘can’t’ you may mean you lack the skills. This is because you’re not yet aware of the difference between can’t and don’t know. Can you climb mount everest? Unless you have got the correct training, focused, dedicated yourself, tried and failed – it’s not a can’t, it’s a don’t know.

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