Since starting Butterfly Transformation officially over a year ago, I’ve been shocked about what other diet, exercise and weight loss programs offer. Some of the things I found deeply saddened me.

Unfortunately, I’m bound to get some abusive comments for writing this. I might even turn off some readers who were just about to sign up.

The thing is, right now Butterfly Transformation is not making enough to cover server costs. So it can’t cost me much more than it already is. Thankfully, I didn’t put together this program to become rich. I did it to help people trapped by their own beliefs. I did it to help people gain back their freedom and enjoyment of life. While I’m disappointed that some people might not join a program they can benefit from because I’m exposing some truth, they are probably not the people I want as part of the program anyway…

Over the past year my eyes have been opened, my ears unclogged to one subtle, but powerful and common belief that permeates many of the programs. That one belief sets almost everyone enrolled in these programs up to fail.

You see the belief in the marketing:

  • “Lose 25 pounds in three weeks…”
  • “Lose weight instantly…”
  • “Achieve your weight loss goals in three easy steps…”

You hear the belief in their programs:

  • “New winter menu…”
  • “The treatment is painless, drug free, with no side effects…”
  • “takes away your appetite…”

That belief is that if you take this pill, drink this juice, follow this diet, do this exercise, buy this machine, then your weight will suddenly disappear. That belief is if you do nothing but use this program, you’ll reach your goal. That belief is if you remain passive, you can achieve your goals.

This is a pile of rancid horse droppings!

You know from your own experience this belief has infected most of the programs out there. I’m sure you’ve even been let down by a product that gave you similar promises.

You also know how wrong it is, and yet it’s difficult to resist because it’s never stated directly. It’s difficult to resists because it appeals to our laziness.

But most damaging of all, it allows us to shift responsibility of our failures from yourselves, to the program; “I didn’t get my goal, it’s the diet (or program, or pill, or machine) not me…” which means we’re right back where we started, yet more upset, disappointed and frustrated.

So to help everyone be able to identify this vile and cancerous belief, take more control of their lives, and make informed choices, I’ve put together a few questions to ask.

Ask these questions seriously from every product or service (including mine). Doing so will likely save you time, effort and much frustration.

  1. Does the program or product show me the goal and do they hold my hand every step of the way?
  2. Does the program or product show me where I am now and most importantly HOW to get to where I want to be?
  3. Does the program or product set a good and realistic expectations and timeframes?
  4. Does the program or product set out at the start what’s possible and how to get there?
  5. Does the program or product help me build internal motivation about the changes I want in my life?
  6. Does the program or product participate in the process of my changes and adapt to me, rather than a one size fits all?
  7. Is the program or product after lasting results, not temporary fixes or short term success?
  8. Does the program or product offer me insights into my own life, and through those insights help me make the needed changes to my body, mind and behaviour?