Which voice do you listen to?

September 23, 2008

Imagine you are having a conversation with two people. Both are your very good friends. You trust them both fully.

As you listen to them talking you hear the following:

Friend1: “You’re thin.”
Friend2: “You’re fat.”
Friend1: “You’ve pretty.”
Friend2: “You’re ugly.”
Friend1: “You’ve got great hair.”
Friend2: “You’ve got rubbish hair.”
Friend1: “You have great dress sense.”
Friend2: “Your dress sense is bad.”
Friend1: “You’re a good person.”
Friend2: “You’re a bad person.”

Which of these two is telling the truth? Who do you listen to more?

Now I know, if you had a friend like #2, you wouldn’t stay friends for very long. Yet many people I’ve worked with have internal voices that only speak this way. If you’re friends did this, you’d change friends fast – yet because it’s your own internal voice you keep it around.

It’s common that we listen to the one that tells us we’re fat, ugly etc. The other voices that tell us we are beautiful get ignored. When we do listen to these, what they say rings false – not because it is false, but because it’s what we don’t listen to often enough.

If you want to learn how to change these voices Join the Butterfly Transformation Program. You’ll learn how these voices effect you, where they come from and most importatly how to change them…

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