Setting goals are easy…

September 17, 2009

… it’s the follow through that’s difficult.

I know some of the readers here don’t set goals – and the only reason you don’t is that you don’t want to fail. I understand this. I know how difficult, hard, destabalising, unbalancing and depressing not achieving a goal is. So to save us that pain, we don’t set them.

That doesn’t make it ok to not get what we want, it just makes it less painful.

There are many books, many programs, many recordings out there to help you set goals. I also spend quite a bit of time in my Butterfly Transformation Program on goal setting, including the main keys to ensure you overcome the difficult parts – like getting up early, exercising and making the correct food choices – easily.

One of the keys to make sure you reach your goals is to understand that the only way you can fail is to stop. You may not reach the target in the timeframe you set and there may or may not be some good reasons. Either way the only way you’ll fail is if you then stop.

Think about this next time you get frustrated because you didn’t achieve your goal.


As humans, we are really bad as estimating how we’ll feel emotionally after we do something.

Most people expect that when they win the lottery, their life will be much better. They’ll be much happier, enjoy life more, have better friends, live in a nicer house, drive a better car…

And yet, most people that win the lottery end up spending all their winnings inside 5 years. They end up being in more debt, and having less friends and more problems. I’m sure you think you’re different.

The thing is, you’re thinking that you’ll be different is the exact same thinking that will ensure you’ll spend it all!

But I know you don’t believe me. So rather than just writing my writings off as fantasy, do you believe I’m wrong enough to prove to me that I’m wrong?

Here’s a simple test that will prove me wrong (or right) if you do it. For the next few days, write down on a scale of 1 to 10 how you’ll feel after your next meal before you eat it. 1 being the worst ever, 10 being the best ever. Then when you’ve finished the meal write down the number that it actually was using the same scale.

I dare you, prove me wrong.

P.S. Apologies to anyone who’s gone through the Butterfly Transformation Program. They know that me being right or wrong is about as useful as you being right or wrong. To give those who’ve not done the program a hint, that usefulness is almost zero.