February 26, 2010

I discovered this link through a friend of mine. It is a very good explanation of how sugar, when consumed in the vast quantities we do, makes you fat.

While it’s 90 minutes long, it’s worth watching the whole thing. Half way through he goes into painful detail with chemistry. Stay with it, ignore the big words and just notice the effects the sugar has on your body. It will  make you think about the things you eat, and the effects that happen.

Sugar: The bitter truth.


Food Revolution

February 13, 2010

Jamie Oliver, you might know him as a good chef. And he is.

And he’s on a campaign to change the way we experience, understand and eat food. You can help yourself and others around you by watching this short video and then taking some action related to your direct situation.

This action might be learning about fresh food. Examining your own diet. Discovering not a new diet program, but learn how to make your own. Or it might just be putting less on your plate next time.

But don’t do it for yourself, do it for everyone else around you.

You are the change you the world needs.