Too many times I communicate with people who have a goal, yet have no idea what will happen after they reach it.

Sure, you may lose that last 5 kilos. You might win the lotto. You might get the promotion.

We’ve focused our attention on that one goal for so long, we sometimes forget what we want to do afterwards. What usually happens in that case is we reach our goal, but then we quickly fall back into old patterns and put that weight straight back on.

Make sure you achieve and keep your goals. Imagine you have your goal, how will you feel? What will you see and hear? How will it effect the people around you? Once you have this goal, now, what do you want that’s even more important?

This will keep you on the right track. Improving your life and health daily through your own intention and focus!


It’s now over 2 weeks into 2008. My guess is most of the people that gave themselves a new year resolution to lose weight have already broken their promise.

Those people might have said, I’ll eat more vegetables, drink more water, exercise more. And while focusing on food, exercise and water are good, it’s our self image that defines how we eat, drink and live.

If we don’t make a change to our self image, we might make some initial small change, but quickly revert back when we’re not looking. If we make a change to our self image, we can naturally transform into the body we want.

Don’t get thin for events – a new year, a wedding, a party.
Don’t get thin for someone else – a lover, family or a friend.

Get thin for LIFE!

Diet Hacks

January 4, 2008

As part of the Butterfly Transformation Program there is a list of over 30 lifehacks to get your diets right the first time…

Things like:

  • Tricks to beat the cravings
  • Planning and getting things done
  • How to relax
  • Tricks to keep motivated
  • How to recover from overpowering emotions
  • Get the desire to exercise
  • Hacks to beat past negative programming
  • Build new supportive habits
  • And much much more!

If you don’t know what a lifehack is, then the easist way to think about it is simple tips and tricks to improve the quality of your life. The lifehacks included in the program are all designed to help you lose the weight and gain the body you want!

Super fast weight loss

December 3, 2007

If you’re trying to find some method that will give you super fast weight loss, there is a huge list to choose from. They all usually use the ‘crash diet’ method. Getting you to dramatically change your eating and intake to cause your body to respond in predictable ways.

The simplest (and most effective) crash diet is fasting.

The problem with crash diets is that in about 95% of cases, you put the weight straight back on. You might lose a few pounds, but it comes back within days – sometimes faster than you lost it!

A better way is to start searching for effective weigh loss, rather than fast. Yes, it’s only a word change (those of you know know the program, know how much words effect our lives) but makes a big difference in results.

Which would you rather? A weight loss method that made you lose weight fast, and put the weight back on, just as fast. Or a method that allowed you to be in the body you want for good?

The more I read news articles, magazines, watch TV or listen to the radio about weighloss, the more I realise that the changes people want to make are not external.

The real changes happen when you change your internal image of yourself. If you don’t change your internal image, you’ll yo-yo back and forth, struggling and fighting cravings each day. If you change your internal image (which is much faster and easier that changing anything else you have control over) your body will naturally follow.

Weight loss is not about your diet, exercise, food, eating, lifestyle, motivation, calories, or any of these ‘external’ factors. These help, but are not needed. Every gram of fat you lose, every fraction of an inch, every dress size is directed first and foremost by your internal image.

If you know the secrets on changing your internal image easily, you already have the body you want. If you don’t know how to make affirmations work, overcome fears, change old beliefs, modify unconscious behaviour, or change unwanted emotions, you need to join the free Butterfly Effect Transformation program now!

If you are worried you are overweight, you might want to read this article in today’s New York Times.

It seems the evidence shows that people who are slightly overweight (25 to 29 on the controversial body mass index scale) are healthier and succumb to fewer diseases than do people of normal weight (BMI ideal of 20 to 25).

Of course, if you’ve read anything here or at Butterfly Transformation you’ll know that evidence like this doesn’t make you change your eating or feel any better about your body. Interesting reading, non the less.

Are you TRYing to lose weight?

September 30, 2007

Do this little experiment. Try and lift your right arm up and touch your nose.

Did you touch your nose?

If you did, that’s not trying – that’s doing.

If you didn’t touch your nose, then you did try.

So when you say to someone “I’m trying to lose weight” you know that they’ll be thinking about how you are NOT losing weight.

So from now on, every time you talk about ‘trying’, stop yourself and talk about ‘doing’.

Stop those cravings

August 19, 2007

If you’re working through the Butterfly Transformation program you’ll know some methods to beat cravings. One of the reasons for cravings is your body needing a specific nutrient. Your body also knows what foods can supply that and the starts to ask. This asking is in the form of a craving. That’s why some pregnant women crave and eat strange concoctions. Their body needs what can be found in those foods. Have a look at this nice list of common food cravings and their more healthy replacements.

I work every day directly with people struggling to lose weight. Because of this I see many different ideas on weight loss.

Most of them are uninformed opinion.
Some of it is simply marketing.
Some of it is actually useful.

For example the other day I read a post about the fear of weight loss. They discussed the issue of people being afraid of how to deal with the world if they were no longer overweight. Their solution for this: ‘Just do it’. How ridiculous can you get? No other suggestions for dealing with this fear, no help, no nothing.

‘Just do it’, cold-turkey, willpower and many other methods leave people struggling to learn how to something. When the method doesn’t work, it leaves the dieter frustrated and disillusioned. Sometimes the maker of these methods blame their client for the failure when it’s clearly the failure of the system.

Many others have lost the weight they want – and kept it off. There is at least one method they use that works. Unfortunately most people are not able to identify the master keys that allow them to get results. Most of these people simply teach the broad strokes method – mixing the parts that work with parts that don’t. They don’t have a simple step-by-step foolproof system that if followed gets the results.

Just look at most diet plans. Thankfully this is changing now, but you’d get a list of what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. That’s it. No help with timing, no help with cravings, no help with exercise, no goal setting, no help with changing to the diet. Just a list of what to eat. And while the food you eat is important, it’s not the start and finish of weightloss. If that was the case, we would see many more crash diets that contain drinking only water. “Don’t eat and you’ll be as thin as you want!” Ridiculous and completely unsustainable.

If you take your life, health and weight loss serious enough, you owe it to yourself to have a look Butterfly Life Transformation as it contains a system that can help you gain the body you want, taking very easy daily babysteps. The system teaches you how to overcome the fear of weight loss, keeping motivated, finding the right diet for you, dealing with cravings and much more!

Over at theFitBastard is a ten minute video. Scott describes the problems with diets and diet thinking. He talks about fad diets, goal setting, yo-yo dieting, unsustainable ‘lifestyle’ diets, mental toughness, motivation and much more. Go over and watch it.