Do you wish you couldn’t

June 5, 2009

Following on from this earlier post, there are many more words that have powerful effects on your feelings and your results when trying to lose weight, stick with a diet or exercise program, or just to feel good.

All of these words revolve around a tiny little three letter word that causes horrific hardship, anguish and pain. That little word is ‘not’.

So, like the last post, say these sentences out loud and discover for yourself how each of them make you feel

  1. I don’t wish to Lose the weight.
  2. I wouldn’t like to Lose the weight.
  3. I don’t want to Lose the weight.
  4. I needn’t to Lose the weight.
  5. I haven’t Lost the weight.
  6. I can’t Lose the weight.
  7. I mustn’t Lose the weight.
  8. I will not Lose the weight.
  9. I’m not going to Lose the weight.
  10. I shouldn’t Lose the weight.

(If you want, feel free to exchange the phrase ‘Lose the weight’ with the goal of your choice.)

How do each of them make you feel as you say them out loud? Compare that with last weeks post. What are you saying to yourself or others that cause this much negative emotion?


One Response to “Do you wish you couldn’t”

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